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When every second counts.

Our power supply and charging solutions for emergency vehicles provide the highest possible standard of performance and reliability. The DEFA PlugIn system provides flexible access to 230VAC power and ensures optimal battery performance when it counts the most.

Trusted Design.

When lives are on the line, failure is not an option. DEFA chargers, inverters and cables meet the most stringent requirements, so emergency workers can perform to the best of their ability.

Lifesaving Accessories.


When the alarm sounds, every second counts. Accessories that help save time and eliminate the chance for error in stressful situations are a valuable addition to any emergency vehicle.

Expandable System.

Customize your system and upgrade it as requirements change. Our modular PlugIn system provides flexible, reliable and easily installed solutions for 230VAC power supply, battery charging and more.

Why choose a DEFA Plugin system from CC&N Global.

Quick & Easy Installation

Choosing a system that is easy to install and that can reliably handle rough environments and heavy loads is a simple way to minimize downtime improve performance. The PlugIn system helps with both.

Perfect for Compact Spaces

Our products are compact and easy to mount, even when space is limited. That makes them ideal for emergency vehicles. Remote panels make installation even more flexible since chargers and inverters don’t have to be easily accessible. Sockets can be installed wherever they are needed


The DEFA PlugIn system is a complete modular system for power supply, charging and preheating. We have perfected our solutions over many years, and are currently the leading provider of flexible and reliable solutions for vehicles of all sizes and specifications.


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