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About CC&N Global

We operate a global network designed to provide rapid access for customers in a range of market sectors to ensure a cost-effective, efficient, quality product tailored for your requirements.

We are continually investing in our partners to ensure the delivery of practical technology solutions close to the customer in all of our market sectors

Why our customers choose us.

CC&N Global doesn't simply offer a product; we offer complete systems and service solutions for our customers. The Company has a strong brand heritage and long standing relationships with customers, both globally and regional.


We develop a high level of intimacy with our customers and allocate resource to create a long standing strategic partnership. Our teams are embedded with customers and the relationships they build together help to ensure that customers think about CC&N Global first, before anyone else.


In addition, innovative, reliable products and service solutions, coupled with knowledgeable employees who possess a high technical skill set means that we our the supplier of choice for our partners.

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We invest significantly in the development of new products and
ongoing product improvements. Each product development is environmentally more effective than the last either through greener materials or improved efficiencies.

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Meeting the needs of the business we deliver today without compromising the scope for future development.

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Finding the most efficient and effective way to deliver today and how we prepare to set up and deliver for the future.

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Customer Focused Communications

Building strong relationships with our clients via effective communication and efficient and effective customer support.

"Beyond the commercial advantages, there is a feel good aspect for employees that come from making sustainability a priority. It creates a strong sense of morale and it is developing our culture too. Indirectly, this is supporting improved productivity and has other soft benefits such as helping to build CC&N Globals' employer brand."

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CC&N Global are also proud to be a member of the Elevate Worcestershire Growth Alumni

Serving the Global Marketplace

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