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CC&N Global Electrifies Munro 4x4 Electric Vehicle

CC&N Global have been awarded a contract to supply a range of DEFA charging products to Munro Vehicles for their upcoming EV. The

products will support vehicle charging and provide reliable 230V power for tools and devices onboard.

The Munro is a fully electric 4x4 utility vehicle with exceptional off-road ability, designed to carry personnel and equipment across difficult terrain. The vehicles are manufactured in the UK and targeted at industry professionals and fleets.

“We are designing a working vehicle, that operators can rely on in all conditions; it was therefore important to source a robust solution. Onboard power is a key benefit of electrification, it enables new ways of working.”Ross Anderson, Co-Founder of Munro Vehicles.

The E-Connect ™ Premium charging cables are designed for pure performance and unmatched user friendliness, developed for all weather conditions and supply to some of the world’s largest Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers.

The DEFA Chargers provide high-end inverter and charger systems for professional and private use. Our products feature the latest charging technology, market-leading user-friendliness and flexibility for Automotive, Truck, Bus, Commercial Vehicles, Construction, Agricultural, Generators and Marine applications. Our Systems are intuitive, reliable and durable, and can be installed without tools or a certified installer.

Oliver Percival, CEO of CC&N Global LTD commented:This new development with Munro EV is another milestone for CC&N and DEFA to enter the UK with another leading OEM, offering the market leading charging technology for the future generation of Electric Vehicles as we all work together in support of zero emission vehicles.”

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The Munro Mark 1:

· 280 kW (376 hp). The permanent-magnet axial flux motor provides plenty of power with high efficiency. 700Nm of torque from a standing start.

· 168 Miles (270 km) - With 80.1 kWh of useable capacity, expect to travel 168 miles in mixed driving, or around 16 hours of off-highway use.

· 100 kW DC Charging - Charge from 15-80% in 36 minutes at high power CCS units. Take advantage of 22 kW AC for home or business charging in around 3 hours.

· Permanent 4x4 - No compromise in off-road performance. The Munro retains a two-speed transfer box, lockable differential and rigid axles.

· 1,000 kg Payload - Carry people and cargo with this massive payload. Fit a pallet in the rear utility area for commercial use.

· 3,500 kg Towing - Stability, traction and buckets of torque. Maximum train weight of 7,000 kg for all logistical needs.

· Repairable - Custom-engineered body and frame are complimented by widely available OEM parts including brakes and suspension. Repairs are fast, straightforward and inexpensive.

· Flexible Maintenance - Manage basic maintenance in-house, or take advantage of the Munro Service Fleet, anywhere in the country.

· Customisable - several factory customisation options including interior materials, paint, tyres and suspension. The core platform is adaptable for special applications.

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