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Workshop Charger 35A with detachable cable

Workshop Charger 35A with detachable cable

SKU: 712900

WorkshopCharger 2.0 35A

With detachable cables 2.5m or 5m

Versatile and efficient battery charger and power supply with detachable cables.




WorkshopCharger 2.0 35A is a versatile and efficient battery charger and power supply that helps you save time. It is delivered with a detachable charging cable, a wall bracket and an isolated hook that makes it easy to place wherever you need. The new WorkshopCharger is compatible with all types of automotive batteries – both lead/acid and Li-ion. It has no fan and produces no noise. The power supply function provides continuous current and stable volt and helps you avoid losing data during ECU programming or a battery change.

WorkshopCharger 2.0 35A benefits:



The hook and holder for the charging cable make the charger easy to move around and the intuitive interface and display makes it easy to use in all situations.


Optimal charging

The charger automatically compensates for the ambient temperature and can be used in both charging and power supply mode.


Silent operation

Thanks to an innovative fan-less design, the charger is virtually soundless.



WorkshopCharger 2.0 35A is non-sparking and is protected against reverse-polarity, and short-circuiting.



The detachable cables can easily be connected and disconnected to improve the user-friendliness of the charger. The charger can be suspended under the hood, from a side window or a workstation.



The charger is housed in heavy-duty materials and has an IP40 rating.

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