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Why DEFA Dealership Showroom Chargers are approved by major OEMs.

Industry statistics suggest that two out of three vehicles in a showroom has a battery that needs attention. In some cases, it is a defect battery, however in most it’s that the battery needs jump starting, charging and conditioning. For the Dealership and Retailer, knowing when a vehicle battery in the showroom needs a charge is vital in helping them to deliver a first-class experience showroom to the customer. A DEFA Showroom Charger delivers four key needs. 1) The customer experience in the showroom. Visitors want to see and experience everything that the vehicle has to offer. Simple things such as opening a door will drain power from the battery, so when you start to factor in windows, central locking, in-car entertainment and other electrical functions, you can start to see the importance of regular battery maintenance. 2) Customer satisfaction. Manufacturers and their retailers want to protect against premature battery failure after the vehicle has left the showroom. They want their customers to enjoy the ultimate, hassle-free driving experience. 3) Reputation. Maximising the customer experience and satisfaction helps develop the reputation of the manufacturer and the retailer.

4) Special clamp for all Mercedez vehicles so the bonnet remains closed while charging. Also available for all vehicle types for a discreet charging and battery maintenance

Our OEM Approved DEFA 32a and 50a Showroom chargers and available from CC&N Global LTD in the UK For enquires please contact us at or call us on 0333 335 5702

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