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DEFA enters agreement with leading German car manufacturer

Supplying showroom chargers to brand’s global sales network.

DEFA has reached a deal to supply showroom chargers to a leading German car manufacturer. The aptly named ShowroomCharger was developed specifically to satisfy the increasing demand for efficient, discreet and safe chargers that allow showroom vehicles to always have fully operational electronic systems. This agreement consolidates DEFA’s position as a leading supplier of professional charging solutions.

Professional performance, easy to operate

The ShowroomCharger is built on the latest in professional charging technology, has higher than 95% efficiency and uses a tailor-made charging cycle to meet the need of today’s modern cars. The detachable clamp cable can be passed through the engine compartment, making it possible to hide both the cable and the charger from view while it’s in use. A one button solution makes the charger easy to operate for anyone working in the showroom. All parts are of high quality, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

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