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DEFA and CCN Global Sign Exclusive Partnership Agreement

CC&N Global LTD are pleased to announce our exclusive UK partnership with DEFA AB.

DEFA AB are the world leader in electrical preheating and charging systems and the largest provider of EV charging solutions in the Nordics.

The new DEFA eConnect EV-charging cable is now available through CC&N Global LTD in the UK for retail, wholesale and e-commerce customers; simply developed by EV-drivers, for EV-drivers.

As engineers, we know perfectly well that the devil is in the details. Just to mention a few things about eConnect:

- it is the most flexible EV-charging cable in the market down to minus 40C

- it over achieves our own durability requirement of 30.000 plugin cycles, while the norm is 10.000 cycles

- it is made with internal ribs ensuring extreme roll over resistance

- it has a patent protected cap with an adjustable strap

- it has a unique ergonomic grip based on endless user tests

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