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Oil, Gas & Energy Products and Services

CC&N Global are considered to be the primary global resource to meet every critical application challenge facing modern industrial clients. We have consistently provided workable and affordable solutions to resolve those obstacles encountered by our clients in their difficult system processes.

Products and Services

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CC&N Global has a proven track record in the manufacture and supply of control and isolation valves to a wide range of industries across the globe.

We provide a service unparalleled in the marketplace to deliver the correct solution to each and every process application conceivable. Not only do we provide bespoke solutions to any hard to resolve applications, we can also provide the highest quality, standard valve solution to cover a much broader requirement across all industries.

Every product manufactured is designed to provide the optimum performance with the longest possible mean time before failure compared with standard valves from mainstream manufacturers.

We achieve this reliability by customising all special valves to the process conditions and the system requirements relying heavily on field experience from our process engineers in our design team.



CC&N Global has grown from a brand newcomer in the market to a reliable seller for Energy, Oil & Gas Products


Although CC&N Global LTD is not the largest player in this market, our experienced team and network with over 40 years of experience offers you a reliable partner and results at a competitive price, as we do not require intermediaries. 

Our team consists of a wide range of specialists available to support any of your requirements in the range of products below:


Our Products:        

  • Light crude oil Oman

  • Heavy crude oil Oman

  • Jet Fuel A1

  • D2 Diesel, D5 Diesel EN590

  • Gasoline octane 95

  • Liquid Gas (LPG)

  • Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)

  • Urea 46 Granular

Group of Engineers


CC&N Global has a long and successful history of supplying internationally recognised EPC contractors. We often supply EPC contractors on long-term contracts or framework agreements where we have a proven track record for excellence and long term pricing.

Our expanding global footprint ensures that dedicated local EPC management teams provide a single local point of contact.

Our highly skilled staff expertly manage all aspects of a project from the enquiry stage through to post-project requirements where all necessary disciplines are represented.

CC&N Global’s aim is to achieve the internationally recognised project goals of both the contractor and the end-user customer. We provide ongoing communication, documentation and frequent ongoing detailed reports to achieve this.

Naturally, quality, testing and on-time delivery is of utmost importance to us and our clients. This is why we develop leading facilities to ensure that we instil confidence in project managers by delivering fully certified and tested products on schedule.

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