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In the Classroom

School Lighting Solutions

How to create a better learning environment.

Schools are our most important arena for learning and socialization. The right lighting contributes to giving both students and teachers a better and more creative learning environment, where it's easier to learn and easier to thrive.


The light in our environment affects our energy level, mood, circadian rhythm, and health. The right lighting solution helps students focus and feel energized throughout the day. Over time, this contributes to improved confidence and motivation.


The right light at the right times leads to improved well-being and better moods for both students and teachers. Energized students find it easier to engage and socialize, creating a better classroom environment and a better relationship between students and teachers.


High-quality fittings and smart control solutions provide the best possible combination of durability, efficiency and intelligent consumption. High-end fittings have a long life expectancy and are completely maintenance-free. The right combination of sensors and manual controls ensures that the light is only on when it’s needed.


HCL can produce light with varying intensity and colour temperatures. The light is programmed to automatically adjust this throughout the day, to provide the best possible lighting conditions for waking and focusing, and for rest and relaxation. The optimal light curve throughout a day in a classroom is not quite the same as in a nursing home, or in a factory where employees work shifts. Adapted lighting helps give students and teachers more energy, better concentration and an increased sense of mastery.

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