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Industry Lighting Solutions

Performance and well-being in demanding environments.

The industry lighting segment covers a wide range of applications and environments, each with its own challenges and requirements. We can provide the ideal solutions for your needs.


A well-planned lighting solution promotes health and well-being. Human-centric lighting can help employees feel awake and focused. Human-centric solutions that automatically adjust light levels and color temperature throughout the day make the workspace more dynamic and provide a more comfortable environment. Increased employee satisfaction and reduced risk of accidents and exhaustion also reduce absence levels.


Optimized lighting solutions increase productivity and reduce error rates by helping employees remain alert throughout the day. This is especially true in environments where there is little access to natural light and in industries where employees work evening and night shifts. Human-centric solutions utilize the body’s responses to natural light can alleviate many of the potential challenges associated with shift work.


Smart lighting solutions with automated control systems and quality products reduce costs and are good for the environment. Flexible control systems reduce power consumption by ensuring that no excess light is used, while efficient high-end fittings with a long lifespan mean that fewer fittings are needed. We are dedicated to developing products that are efficient and fully recyclable.

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