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Healthcare Lighting Solutions

The best conditions for care and compassion.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require highly customized and specialized lighting solutions. Our experts can provide the solutions needed to provide the the ideal environment for health care workers and their patients.


Light has a great influence on our sense of well-being, our moods and our physical and mental health. Well-planned light solutions with the right intensity and colour temperature help patients and residents in hospitals, nursing homes and other health institutions to recover faster and feel better.


To provide the best possible care, doctors and other health professionals require lighting solutions that fulfil a wide variety of requirements. Sufficient light levels and accurate colour rendering help them make an accurate diagnosis and reduce the risk of errors.

The light should provide high visual comfort for patients and staff. Automated human-centric lighting in selected rooms can help the staff to focus throughout long shifts.


The less hospitals and healthcare facilities have to spend on lighting, the more they can spend on quality care and equipment. Highly efficient, durable and maintenance-free fittings with automated control systems contribute to better use of resources and also reduces their negative impact on the environment.


HCL can produce light with varying intensity and colour temperatures. The light is programmed to automatically adjust this throughout the day, to provide the best possible lighting conditions for waking and focusing, and for rest and relaxation. The optimal light curve throughout a day in a classroom is not quite the same as in a nursing home, or in a factory where employees work shifts. Adapted lighting helps give students and teachers more energy, better concentration and an increased sense of mastery.

Hospital Employees
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