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On Board Battery Chargers

Modern vehicles have many electronic systems that draw power from the battery. Without regular charging, it may quickly become discharged and degraded. The MultiCharger flex series keeps your battery fully charged.

A safe start every morning

Cold weather, frequent use of heating functions, and a driving pattern with mostly short trips will deplete your battery faster than the alternator can recharge it. Once discharged, the battery can no longer start your car. MultiCharger onboard battery chargers keep your battery fully charged and ready to start your vehicle.

Improved Battery Lifetime


A consistently low charging level or repeated discharges will degrade your battery. When this happens, replacing it is often the only alternative. Discarding batteries too soon is both expensive and a danger to the environment. A MultiCharger significantly prolongs the life expectancy of your battery.

Full mobile phone control

The DEFA app gives you full control over your WarmUp system, including your battery status. The app will also send you alerts if the cable is not connected when you park your car, or if the cable is still connected when you start the vehicle. All WarmUp kits now include MultiCharger 1205R Flex.

Multicharger Flex



  • Easy to install – Compact size with flexible cables and brackets.

  • Modern switch-mode technology preserves your battery and makes it possible for the charger to remain connected.

  • Temperature compensated charging voltage provides optimal charging in all conditions..

  • Automatic switch to full-power mode (quick charge) if the battery voltage falls below 13V during charging.

  • They are fully protected against short-circuiting and reverse-polarity.

  • They have two relay-controlled outputs for the engine and interior heaters, which you can activate with a control unit.

  • Flex chargers will not damage the vehicle’s sensitive electronic systems.

  • Prevents battery degradation (sulfating) and extends the lifetime of the battery.

  • It reduces the release of harmful emissions.

MultiCharger onboard battery chargers can be used to charge all 12V lead/acid batteries, including AGM and GEL.

The DEFA PlugIn system is a complete modular system for power supply, charging and preheating. We have perfected our solutions over many years, and are currently the leading provider of flexible and reliable solutions for vehicles of all sizes and specifications.


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