Neptune 2.0 | Grid

Neptune 2.0 | Grid


Vandal resistant IP65 fitting

Vandal-resistant LED fitting with flexible control solutions, flicker-free light, 15-year protection against C5 corrosion and a slim design.



Neptune range (Cross, Half Cover, Grid) are a vandal-resistant quality fitting with a DC driver which provides flicker-free light. The DC driver also means that Neptune can be used outdoors and indoors and is available with both motion and twilight sensors.


Neptune has a slim design with the lowest build-height on the market. Small boxes make it easier to transport more fittings at one time. Painted versions are protected against C5 class corrosion for 15 years. The fittings are completely maintenance-free.


A unique LED module design ensures that the light surface is completely uniform, with no shadows or hotspots. The glossy diffuser prevents dirt from collecting on the surface and makes the fitting easier to clean.